The Weasley’s Betting Slips


These betting slips feature in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and are issued by the Weasley twins during the Tri Wizard Tournament for other students to bet with.


They were designed by the fabulous Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima (MinaLima) who created all the graphic props for the Harry Potter films.


I admire the use of colour on the numbered slips themselves as the vibrant and warm tones complement each other brilliantly. Orange and blue are complementary colours and so are red and green, matched with a blank central stripe of the background paperstock to tie both slips together, makes for a great design.

The rough and ready design complements the Weasley twins so well, as being poor and making something ephemeral, they would have made them as cheaply as possible. The offset numbers, wonky Weasley logo and simple but fun tri wizard cup drawing, make sense in this context. The offset and misaligned elements also add to the handmade charm of the design which evokes the mad Weasley twins minds.


On the actually betting slip itself, the off-set, letterpress-style, typeface continues the handmade look and the unusual roulette wheel illustration behind the betting box and the magical symbol in the “stake” section, gives the tickets that little air of mystery and magic

that lets the viewer know, this was made by a wizard.


Check out MinaLima’s website here (not spon) where you can buy a wonderful signed print of these very tickets

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