Commissioned, Volunteering, Univeristy
& Personal Graphics Work 2017 - 2023

Personal: A3 Charcoal Drawings (2017 – 2022)

Personal: Abstract Film Posters (2020 – 2021)

Personal: Digital Portraits (2018 – 2020)

Commission: Workshop Handouts for Rhyannan Hall’s professional fabric dyeing buisness “Oxidate Design“. I Also designed her personal CV & Invoice (2020)

University: A look into the emotional attachment people have to seemingly insignificant ephemeral objects. This is an important reflection of how young people (18-25), at the forefront of the digital age, still find so much sentimental value in physical communication and tangible memories (2020)

University: 21 Gifs To Say Goodbye (2020)

University: A White Card Maquette of a 1950s London flat. It was made to give an idea of space, layout and graphic prop placement before filming my short movie “Amelia”, based around graphic props (2020)

University: Bristol Heroes was a collaborative project with my friend Caitlin for the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) 2019/20 competition. Our aim campaign’s aim was to use Bristol Temple Meads train station as a literal platform to celebrate people who go above and beyond through community work in Bristol (2020)

Volunteering: Logo, poster and social media design for HUB Magzine, the Official UWE Student Magazine on which I served has Vice President for 2 years and Head Designer for 3 years (2017 – 2020)

Commission: Flying Chairs Theatre Company” Logo and Posters (2018 – 2020)

University: This ‘Conversations Postcard’ is a celebration of language. Small and seemingly insignificant conversations we have everyday, help keep our ancient languages alive and evolving (2019)

University: Screen Printed Poster Celebrating 50 Years Since The Moon Landing & Dedicated To ‘Vital’ Michael Collins (2019)

Volunteering: “Sharp Shotz Project” Logo & Posters. City Academy Bristol Year 9 Girl’s End Period Poverty School Campaign (2019)

Personal: Movie Posters (2019)

UniversityUsing 35mm photographs, I created this photobook depicting objects in black and white, juxtaposed with a final colour photo my mother and sister embracing at the end, which is so powerfully warm and human, it highlights “The Inadequacy Of Things” (2018)

UniversityThese two “Life on Paper” zines contain brief life histories of my Granny Janet and Granddad Gray. After conducting short interviews with them about their lives and asking them to dig through their old photos, these elegant and fun publications were able to be produced (2018)

University: Something I’ve Learned In My Life So Far… (2018)

Commission: Poster and Business Card For Hannah Sessions Who Runs Exercise Class, She Called ‘Ballet Be Fit’ (2018)

Commission: National Non-Fiction November Banner For ‘The Federation Of Children’s Book Groups’. It Was Displayed Across The Country (2018)

University: What People Do With Their Hands. Final Outcome – Delicate Gilt List On Tracing Paper, After 5 Hour Observational Project In 1 Location, Philadelphia Street, Bristol (2018)

Personal: Vlog Of My Uni Trip To Tokyo, Filmed In 1 Second Clips (2018) 

University: From Page To Screen – Making The Pages Of A Book Come To Life In Stop Motion (2018)

Commission: Aldbourne Children’s Book Group Logo (2018)

University: Booklet Showing Me & Some Classmates Making Foley Sounds (2018)