I’m a graphic design B/A graduate from the University of the West of England with a passion for creating and developing thoughtful outcomes. I enjoy generating and exploring new ideas. My approach towards design is methodical and experimental, resulting in playful graphics that stem from my cultural and artistic experiences. I’m a responsible and self-driven designer, who flourishes during independent work, as well as in colaborative studio environments.

I have a love of fine art and illustration, and continue to explore stop motion animation and photography, all of which I incorporate into the graphics I produce. I have a strong work ethic and good time management, which allows me to create designs with highly developed artistic direction.

One word has appeared in every school report and university feedback that I’ve ever received: ‘conscientious’. I take my work seriously, and I care about the outcome.

Get to know me a bit more by by viewing my top 50 films of all time…